Registration for Nationals

Registration for the 2020 National Science Bee Varsity / JV National Championships is open now. Visit for more information about registration.

Registration for the 2021 National Science Bee Varsity / JV National Championships will be open soon!
Continue to check this website for more updates.

Registration for National Qualifying Exams

All students competing at Nationals must have qualified for it through the National Qualifying Exam. You can take the National Science Bee Varsity / JV National Qualifying Exam online or with a teacher / community proctor.

The NQE for the Nationals Science Bee has not been made available yet.

Register to Take the Exam Online
When the exam becomes available, please click here to register.

Register to Take the Exam with a Teacher at Your School or with a Community Proctor

Students are welcome to take any or all versions of the NQE  with a teacher or homeschool instructor proctoring it.

In that case, please send a check for $10 payable per exam version per student to “International Academic Competitions” to the following address:

International Academic Competitions
15 Lafayette Place
Burlington, VT, 05401

Together with a check, please enclose a sheet of paper with the following:

-The name(s) of the student(s) who wish to take the National Qualifying Exam
-The version of the Exam they wish to take. Please write “National Science Bee” and then either “A Set”, “B Set,” or “C Set.” Please note that the C Set exam is available from October 15 onwards, the B Set exam is available from January 1 onwards, and the A Set exam is available from February 1 onwards. All Exams must be completed by April 10 unless IAC has granted specific permission otherwise.
-The current grade in school for each student to determine their age division. If a student does not have a set grade (i.e. for some homeschoolers, this may be the case, then please note their birthdate)
-The name of their school and its location (town and state). If homeschooled, note the homeschool association (if any), along with the town and state
-The name and email of the teacher, administrator, homeschool instructor, or community proctor (i.e. a librarian or religious leader) who has agreed to proctor and grade the exam.

Once we receive the check and the paper listing this information, we will contact the proctor with the Exam and answer key, and then they can give the Exam. If a student finishes in the top half of all finishers nationwide (i.e. at or above the National Median Score) in their age division on the version of the Exam they take, then they will qualify for the National Championships. Students only need to qualify by finishing above the National Median Score for their age division on any one of the three versions of the Exam. A lower score on any one version will not disqualify a student if they have a qualifying score on a separate version. To provide notification of Nationals qualification at as early a time as is possible, the official National Median Scores are determined on January 1 for C Set, February 1 for B Set, and March 1 for A Set. After these dates, the National Median Scores do not change even though additional students can still take these exams up until mid-April.

For further questions, please contact International Academic Competitions at