The 2022-2023 National Science Bee National Qualifying Exam (C Set) will be available starting October 29, 2022. Contact for more information.

All exams will be administered either in person at Regional Competitions or online. Pre-registration for in person exams is $10 per exam plus a processing fee, and $15 on site. For online exams(see below), registration fees can be paid either by credit card for $10 plus a processing fee, or by check for $10, while in person fees can be paid by cash or check. All exam versions will be available online to students until 4/1/23.

Online Exams via Check

If you choose to take an exam online and you wish to pay by check, you must submit an exam request via email to with the following information:

  1. Student Name
  2. Grade in school (or homeschool equivalent) for the 2022-23 academic year
  3. School name (or homeschool affiliation)
  4. Which version(s) of the exam you wish to take

Our staff will then send you payment information for check payments, and the exam link will be provided upon receipt of payment. You can contact if you have any other questions.

Online Exams via Credit Card

If you choose to take an exam online and pay by credit card, the exam will start immediately after you have submitted payment. Do not click the exam buttons below until you are ready to take the exams, as it may not be possible to restart the exam after it has started.

National Qualifying Exam – Version C

Version C will be available October 29, 2022 and the median score will be set December 1, 2022.

National Qualifying Exam – Version B

Version B will be available December 3, 2022 and the median score will be set January 1, 2023.

National Qualifying Exam – Version A

Version A will be available February 4, 2023 and the median score will be set March 1, 2023.