Register for Our Mailing List and a Sponsor Login

Here is a link to access the form that is used to create an International Academic Competitions Sponsor Profile. This form should be filled out by a parent, teacher, administrator, homeschool coordinator, or other adult who will be responsible for overseeing the participation of a student or group of students who will be competing in the National Science Bee this academic year. You must create a Sponsor Profile before you can register for the different stages of the Bee.

Mailing List & Sponsor Registration

Regional Finals Event Registration

Registration for the National Science Bee Regional Finals will open after the ORQEs have been completed and will be available in the Sponsor Profile page. Qualification for Regional Finals will be based on student scores on the ORQE which will not be made public. Students who qualify for the Regional Finals will be notified through their sponsors after all the ORQEs are completed. If registration does not fill for a particular region, then additional students may be notified during the first two weeks of February. Once a Regional Final’s field cap has been reached, registration for that location will be closed, and there will be no further opportunity to register for that location. Registration for each Regional Final will close either when the field cap has been reached or at a given point prior to the date of that Regional Final. IAC reserves the right to open or close registrations at any time.

Register for Regional Finals

National Championships Registration Coming Soon!

Registration for the National Championships will open in February 2019 in the Sponsor Profile page after the first Regional Finals are held. Registration for the National Championships will be done in two stages, with a certain number of students allowed to register for the National Championships immediately after each regional tournament, and a certain number of students placed on a waiting list, and then allowed to register if space is still available at a later date.


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