This October and November, International Academic Competitions will be organizing makeup online Regional Finals for the National Science Bee, National History Bee, and US Academic Bee to replace the ones that were cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Information on eligibility and registration can be found at

These will provide a new opportunity to qualify for the 2020 Middle & Elementary School National Championships, which will run online between November 13 and December 20. All events that were going to be held will be held – including several new ones! The full schedule will be available soon.


Students we had said would qualify for Nationals back in the spring based on their Online Regional Qualifying Exam (ORQE) scores listed here still qualify, but we encourage all those who are eligible to compete at the Regional Finals for further experience, for recognition, and to win awards (which will be mailed directly)!


All students will compete in the grade level they were enrolled in on March 1, 2020. This means current Ninth Grade students are eligible to compete in the Eighth Grade division.